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From Maureen Daugherty 09/06/2019

My great grandfather was Dominick Harte & he married Mary Ann Brady. Their daughter, Mary Ann Harte was my grandmother & she came to America as a teenager. She married Thomas McGwynn & had 7 children with him. Her Uncle Mike was a Brady & lived to be 101. I see in the video Florrie, which was my grandmother’s youngest sister. So amazing to see & hear her speak. Also loved seeing pictures of my great grandmother & great grandfather in the books that have been published. Want to thank all that have kept this great history of the people & the island. If anyone has any information to add to our family heritage, please contact me.


From Jim Turner 12/04/2013

I’m trying to find info on my heritage. My great grandmother was from this island. I was born in Dunoon to Caroline Brady Fowler. Know I had a great uncle
Paddy Joe who made his own whiskey. Not sure about anything else. I was brought to America as a baby. I hardly know anything about my family over there. I’ve never been back since I left. If you can help with any information I would appreciate it very much.



I am looking for a copy/ clipping of the Sligo newspaper detailing how the two Dan Heraghtys  and ? Waters were convicted for 3 months hard labour for illicit whiskey manufacture on the island

Posted on behalf of Louise Herrity



I would be interested to know if the group photo[c] of the islanders
are any of my grandfathers family. They lived in house D on the map or
number 4 on 1901 census. Also it gives head of family as Francis, my
great grandfather was named John,wife Mary,sons Jack,Dan,Martin
twins,Pat daughters,Beasie,Kate,Maryann and Maggie one of the girls
was an invalid, would be grateful for any information you can give.

Posted on behalf of Rita O Neill



Dear all
Searching for any Herritys/Heraghtys from Inishmurray.
Hopefully we can compare notes and help each other in our genealogy quests.
Good news, one more “Herrity” contacted me yesterday and I directed her to this wonderful site.

Posted on behalf of Louise Herrity



My grandsons paternal grandmother is Pauline Brady, daughter of Michael Brady from
the island. Can anyone identify which Michael Brady he is, as there are
three listed in the census

Posted on behalf of Deirdre Murray